Project Consultant

Ever wish you could had an experienced photographer at your side ensuring you capture that important project in the best way possible? Now you can!

I can assist in anyway you’d like; setting up lighting and gear including the camera, best lens and camera angle to use, photographing architecture and interiors, advice on posing your subjects, proper makeup for desired look and much more. Imagine the stress relief, all you have to do is concentrate on bringing your creative vision to life.

It’s not just the benefit of a consultant you’ll gain from, but also working alongside a trained and experienced photographer you learn how experienced and knowledgeable photographers work. The techniques, tons of hints and tips you’ll never read in a book or the web. How to deal with unexpected or difficult situations quickly and calmly. I can also offer advice on the post production of your images.

In the event you don’t have all the necessary gear to efficiently produce the shoot I can offer the use of mine (additional fee may apply). Or perhaps you’d just like to tryout gear before deciding to purchase your own. If you need a location, such as a studio or private residence, I may be able to provide that as well.

Contact me with the details of your project, include location and anticipated number of hours, to receive a quote.

Roger DiFiore
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