Printer Profiles

When printing to accurately reproduce colors seen on your color managed system and monitor you need printer profiles created using the same printer, paper and inks.

Sometimes you can download these profiles from the manufacturer and you must be using their matching printer, paper and inks. If you want to use another brand of paper or ink then you need custom profiles made to match your combination of printer, paper and ink.

If not doing your own printing, but rather sending them out custom profiles can still be made to match your labs paper as well. This works great for both online and local print suppliers.

The equipment and software required to create these profiles is rather expensive and only needed once per combination of printer model, brand of paper and ink. Creating them requires a fair amount of expertise and attention to detail. Not something the average end user wants to get involved with.

I can create these for you. You’ll download a calibration test file and print it once using each combination of model printer, paper and ink you use. If using a lab then you send them the test file to print. Once printed you mail me or drop off the test prints. I’ll create the profiles and email them to you. Cost is $30.00 per profile and a turnaround time usually less than 48 hours.

Contact me and include how many profiles you need. I’ll provide the test file link and method of payment.

Roger DiFiore
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