Commercial Photography

First impressions are the most important. Commercial photography and business or marketing are like two parallel lines and one doesn’t exist without the other. Thousands of words can’t equal one quality photograph. It’s the photograph that first captures the viewers attention persuading them to read the words.


Presenting the automobile from the perspective of the designers and engineers who created it is a key element.

Having been an automotive designer and engineer I’m especially in touch with the qualities that make each automobile special and use my photography expertise to highlight these qualities from the body lines to the high gloss jewelry like finish. The highly customized 1980 Mazda Rx7 pictured was one of my early creations and first automotive photograph.


Essential for effective marketing the consumer must not only see what they are going to get they must know what it will be like to Wear, Taste and Experience before they will do so in person.

It’s the most Critical type of photography and requires a photographer with Exemplary Lighting Skills and a background in Advertising & Business. The difference between a product looking cheap and plasticy as opposed to sophisticated and elegant is primarily controlled by the photographic lighting technique.

Real Estate

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