Private Photography & Editing Lessons Designed Around Your Needs & Experience Level


Just as photography is an art so is teaching it.  Teaching a student new to photography is very different than intermediate or advanced users.  Having taught hundreds of classes to thousands of students I've developed curriculum specialized to each skill & experience level.  Below are some of the lessons we can cater to you.

* Camera operation - beginner, intermediate or advanced: Camera controls, lens choice, f-stops, shutter, ISO, white balance, downloading images, etc. * Using FLASH: indoors or out. * Software/Editing, retouching: Adobe Lightroom, Essentials, Bridge, Photoshop, CaptureOne, Camera Brand Software, Apple Aperture (for MAC/Apple software you must bring your laptop/computer with software installed). * Color Management/Monitor Profiling: includes color spaces, soft proofing, using online print services. * Shooting outdoors or studio: (most any subject, some restrictions may apply). This includes using lights, reflectors, etc. as needed.

* Shooting a model can be arranged for an additional $25.00 per hour models time in one hour blocks two hour minimum, fully dressed down to swim suit. Sorry, no implieds, lingerie or nudity OR you can supply your own model.


  • First 3 hours are $25.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum = $75.00 for initial 3 hours.
  • Each hour after are $20.00 per additional hour. You can add more hours at time of lesson if desired.
  • Sign up with a friend and receive 25% off total price!.

  • You can Mix-n-Match the lesson as example: Lighting, Shoot then Edit.
  • Prices are for Mon-Fri day or evening lessons @ my home/studio (Houghton & Valencia).
  • Weekends & other locations throughout town can be arranged.  Call 520-551-8452 or

  • To set an appointment browse the calendar for an open (not marked busy) time.  Then in the right column "Register Now!" box select length of lesson desired, preferred date & time and desired lesson subject.  Within 24 hours I will email you confirmation of the lesson and ask we arrange a brief call to discuss your exact needs.
  • If it isn't blue you can request it, back to back is fine.  I pad my needed free time.

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* If you can't make your rescheduled lesson funds are forfeited.

* Rescheduling within 24 hours of your lesson is not possible as that time has already been locked in for you, unfortunately funds are forfeited.


You actually changed my photography life (or life as a photographer)!  I won a couple photo contest prizes (a coffee mug and money!!) and I got an offer to get my work licensed through Getty Images (making money!).  All of these I couldn't have without your help.  You are still my greatest teacher in my life.   I really mean it.

Yuko Smith